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Just a simple little blog that I'll hopefully have time to keep updated. :)  Hope you, the reader, don't mind how mundane the posts will be.

Friday, 01 April 2016 10:06

I'm DONE with being so giving!!!

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I've decided I'm DONE with being so giving!  I'm going to be pickier now about who I give to from now on!

People don't seem to understand that photos, graphics and such are the intellectual property of the person who has created it!  You can't just take it and reuse it without asking or giving credit to the person who created the items.  If you do, it's considered STEALING!

I'm not going to name names here or places of business because I'm not THAT kind of a person.  But, if you are notified of this, then you know who you are and how NOT very "christian" you really are!!
Friday, 04 September 2015 11:30

Looking forward to vacation

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Well,... calendar wise, I'm just 17 days away from vacation.  Actually leaving for vacation is another story.  Who knows how long that will be.  I'm hoping that it will be around that day or very shortly after but I'm not holding my breath.  I've learned to stop doing that. lol  I would tend to pass out a lot ;).  

So...  with 17 days away from vacation, that means I have 3 more weekends to work!  That's much easier to countdown!  I'm looking forward to that time off and allowing my broken down body to heal.  I've done WAY too much deep tissue massages in the past few months and my body is screaming "NO MAS!"

I'm looking forward to autumn as well.  It truly is my favorite season.  The smells, the colors - just all the beauty that is on display during the fall.  I love the activities that I used to enjoy during autumn as well.  The fall festivals, the hay rides, the chilly nights by a bon fire sipping a cold one.  Just driving down country roads and taking in the beautiful foliage scenery.  This autumn is going to be a good one for me.  I plan on making the most of my time off!

Also, you - yes, you there reading this.  Never hesitate telling someone you love them.  You just never know when someone might be taken from you and you'll never get the chance again to say it to where they can hear it!  Love is a very beautiful 4 letter word!  People need to use it more often!

Monday, 31 August 2015 11:52

Hard Day

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Today is a hard day for me.  Today is the year anniversary of my Mum's passing.  I don't really want to go into work today at all.  My stomach is in knots.  I think it's in knots because the day of her passing is still so fresh in my memory.  I can recall the repeated phone calls while I was in the shower and wondering who in the hell kept calling me.  Then reviewing the messages and the shock that went through my body that my Mum was getting ready to cross over.  The finality of saying goodbye to her had to be done by phone.  That nearly killed me because as soon as I had said goodbye and had hung up the phone, I steadied myself against the wall and dropped to my knees and could not stop screaming and crying.  Why couldn't I have been next to her side like I was with my father when he passed?  I hated it that I was robbed of that.  

I miss you Mum, every single day, but especially more so today. :(
Thursday, 20 August 2015 17:14

It's been a while

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I've gotten lax about posting again, Ooops LOL  

I've just been so pre-occupied with so many other things, I haven't had any time to devote to keeping this updated.

I'm still counting the days until I leave to go on the road with my Superman.  ALMOST down to less than a month! lol  All of my friends and co-workers pretty much know how many days I have left because I continually am reminding them. :D

It's so hard to believe that summer is almost other though.  Schools have already started back up (I don't even have kids in school anymore but I still look forward to it! lol) Won't be long until my favorite season is here. :D  Autumn!!  Love all the smells associated with fall!  I appreciate all the seasons and what they bring but there is just something about fall that is my favorite.  Maybe it's because my birthday falls in autumn, who knows.  

Hope everyone has had a good summer and you've been able to create some wonderful memories with your families and friends!  Lata!
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